Alleen King-Carter


               Alleen King-Carter is the Founder & CEO of Living in 3-D and a recognized community leader in providing HIV education and anti-stigma information throughout the State of Louisiana. She began her HIV career at the Philadelphia Center in Shreveport, LA. Living in 3-D is an organization dedicated to HIV education and anti-stigma work in communities. Alleen is an experienced motivational speaker and also coordinates other educators for Living in 3-D speaking engagements at churches, high schools, colleges and correctional facilities.

               As a woman living with HIV, diagnosed in 2008 and living with an undetectable viral load since 2009, she believes that the power of people telling their stories to educate others is an important strategy toward ending the HIV epidemic. Living in 3D sponsors the annual Love Day in the Park , raising HIV awareness and working with the community to ensure that accurate and needed information is readily available. Facing Our Issues is a specific Living in 3-D project created to educate pastors and clergy on HIV and the destructive impact of stigma.

               Alleen is also a state certified HIV Counseling Testing Specialist and a member of the Louisiana HIV Criminalization Strategic Planning Committee. Beyond her work addressing HIV, Alleen is also an active leader in her church, helping start a soup kitchen and food pantry and the Site Supervisor of Summer Feed Program. She also directs her church choir.She currently works as Program Coordinator of Oasis Outreach Group Shreveport and a CNA for The ARC Caddo Bossier. Alleen’s commitment to social justice and giving back to her community is a driving force in all of her work.